Pre-training supplements have rapidly grown in popularity among gym-goers for a straightforward reason, they work. As the name suggests, pre workout supplements are meant to be taken before you start your regular workout sessions. These supplements are designed to take your workout to the next level; hence they are manufactured using various ingredients that are tested and proven to increase energy, strength and endurance. So if you love spending your time in the gym pushing yourself as hard as possible and need a little boost, a pre-training supplement is probably a great option!

Here are five incredible benefits of incorporating pre workout supplements into your routine.

Helps muscle gain

Pre-training supplements contain a significant amount of essential amino acids, which are vital for muscle gain. These supplements are a good source of branched-chain amino acids effectively utilized for muscle protein synthesis. Hence, pre workout supplements are necessary to develop muscles for more intense and productive workouts.

Helps boost power

Pre-training supplements contain a good amount of caffeine which can charge you up for motivation and endurance throughout your session. These supplements give you a burst of energy and enhance your strength and endurance. Moreover, they reduce acid buildup, which is the primary reason for fatigue.

Helps increase blood flow

Better blood circulation means more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Right? Most pre-training supplements contain ingredients that foster nitric oxide production, improving cardiovascular functioning and dilating your blood vessels. This means when you consume these supplements, your body gets a continuous fuel source to get the best results.

Promotes faster recovery

Pre-training supplements are known to speed up recovery time. They support the process of protein synthesis in which the body produces new proteins and rebuilds muscle tissue. Hence, the quicker you recover from your workout, the quicker you see the benefits of working out, like increased strength or lean body mass.

Hope, these benefits are sufficient to convince you why you should consider taking pre-training supplements. This article further answers some of the most common questions people have and you might also be having when considering pre workout supplements. Read on!

Can you take these supplements on non-training days?

If you want a little energy boost, there is no harm in taking pre-training supplements on non-training days, but there would not be much point in doing so. These supplements are designed to be taken immediately before your workout as they boost your power, strength and endurance. So taking these supplements on training days means you would be wasting money.

Are these supplements taken on an empty stomach?

If you want effective results, you should take these supplements on an empty stomach. Experts recommend gym-goers not eat anything for at least 1 to 1.5 hours before they take the pre-training supplements. This is because you should give your body at least this much time to digest the food; otherwise, food will diminish the effects of the supplements. You will feel more results from the supplements when you are on an empty stomach.

What ingredients do you need to look for when buying pre workout supplements?

If you are buying a pre workout supplement for the first time, there are chances you don’t know what to look for in the supplements. Here’s the answer! You should ensure that the supplement you choose must have at least three of these ingredients- branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s), Nitric oxide boosters (like Arginine or L-Citruline), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Beta Alanine, Caffeine, and Creatine.

Pre-training supplements are a crucial part of bodybuilding to utilize the body’s maximum energy. So if you want to build your body and gain body mass, incorporate these supplements into your routine and see the effects.

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