Depending on the season, pull your summer or winter clothes out of the closet so as not to freeze or be overdressed. Maybe you have some favorite pieces of clothing made of a certain material that you particularly like to wear.

Bed linen online is, so to speak, the clothing for your bed, which you should also “dress” according to the season in order to feel comfortable in it. Of course, first and foremost, the duvet must fit your needs and the season, but the bed linen is the only thing you come into direct contact with. Here, too, there are a variety of materials that feel different on the skin. Below is a description of the different types of bedding. This is a quick and easy way to find out which bed linen suits you.

Some types of fabric warm and are therefore more suitable for the cold season. Others are pleasantly cool and particularly absorbent, which ensures a pleasant sleeping climate in summer. In view of the diverse range of bed linen types, uncertainty quickly spreads as to which bed linen is the right one.

What types and materials are there?

Most of the bedding is made of cotton. The natural fiber is processed in a wide variety of ways, so that a variety of bedding types are created, each of which meets different requirements. The classic under the cotton bedding, which is a smooth cotton fabric with a canvas look. 

Which bed linen is suitable for which season?

Choosing the right bedding depends, among other things, on the season. The environment in the bedroom changes along with the temperatures outside, which might make it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Bed linen that is adapted to these circumstances can help you experience a pleasant night in every season. With all tips, however, it should be noted that the individual feeling of warmth and cold varies from person to person. What may seem cozy to one can already be too warm for the other. It is worth testing different materials here in order to make the right choice.

What sizes are there?

So that the bedding is fun when you get the bed, it is crucial to buy the right size. The decisive factors for this are the sizes of Pillows and duvet. Standard pillows and the corresponding covers usually have a square one 80×80 cm format. If you use smaller neck pillows to support the shoulder or neck area, you have to have a separate cover in sizes such as 40×40 cm, 50×50 cm or in a rectangular shape (40×80 cm) to buy. For side sleeper cushions, even longer sizes such as. 40×145 cm needed.

There are several standard sizes for duvets. Bed linen usually needs size for single beds 135×200 cm. But also 155×220 cm are available in stores without any problems. If you share your bed and also your blanket with a partner or simply use a large double bed including a duvet for yourself, you need bed linen with the dimensions 200×200 cm. With a height of more than 1.80 m, a duvet with a length of 220 cm comfortable – bed linen and fitted sheet must then be purchased in the appropriate oversize.

How do I find the right bedding?

In addition to size and season, other factors also play a role when it comes to choosing the right bed linen. Allergy sufferers should stick to microfiber bedding. Pollen and mites are difficult to fix in the material, making it ideal and alleviating the problems during sleep. Cotton bedding is also suitable for allergy sufferers if they are changed regularly and can be washed hot. At children care should be taken to ensure that the bed linen is easy to clean and hard-wearing.

Care for bed linen properly

Proper care of cotton or microfiber bed linen is not particularly difficult. Both fabrics are easy to care for and can be easily washed in the washing machine. When washing bed linen, the respective care instructions should of course be observed so that the covers remain beautiful for a long time and, above all, in shape. Drying can also be done in most cases on a tumble dryer or on a leash.

What the care instructions say?

Not every bed linen online needs and can handle the same care. Some materials run in at too high temperatures, while other covers get an unsightly shine from ironing. The manufacturer’s care instructions indicate what exactly is allowed and what should be avoided when washing bed linen. The symbols are always in a similar style and thus easier to understand.

  • The stylized sink with the number of degrees indicates the maximum washing temperature.
  • If the symbol is crossed out, provided with a hand or a tap, the bed linen may either not be washed at all, only by hand or only cold.
  • Horizontal lines below the washing symbol stand for the gentle wash cycle.

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