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Veritas NetBackup TM, a well-known market share leader in enterprise data backup and recovery technology, does away with the expense and complexity of point products while maintaining your data’s security, compliance, and availability – wherever it may be. Providing quick access to mission-critical data across fusion, physical, virtual, and multicloud situations, NetBackup scales to handle any size workload and offers ground-breaking capabilities for virtual machine and cloud-based deployments that far outpace what can be accomplished with classic backup procedures.

What is mean by a Veritas NetBackup?

Veritas describes itself as the pioneer in handling the data across many clouds. With no cloud vendor lock-in, the firm gives solutions for IT and business difficulties, such as “multi-cloud information systems, data protection, storage optimization, compliance certification, and workload transfer.” 86percent of respondents of the Fortune 500 organisations use its products.

Veritas NetBackup

Insight and technology are brought to cloud and data storage via Veritas NetBackup. NetBackup 10 provides improved protection and easier operating across extended workloads including standard, platform as a service (PaaS), cloud based (SaaS), and capsule applications. It does this by using automated and intelligent settings and elastic services. It offers intelligent, activity workload protection that is safe, resilient, and coordinated at the edge, on-premises, and in the online, decreasing data protection gaps by lowering administrative time-consuming duties and human factors:

about Veritas NetBackup 8.3 Benefits:

Effectively manage risks:

Veritas NetBackup offers quick recovery from unexpected business incidences, such as lost files, ransomware attacks, and cloud service outages. To ensure reliability and performance, Quality integrates at every point in the identify the following, from backup appliances to cloud storage. With NetBackup, scale your recovery. resilience to confer resistance to problems such as ransomware. Use immutable file storage and access control to take increased security precautions.

Having faith that “it really just works”:

The biggest companies on earth deploy Veritas NetBackup, which has ruled the market as the most popular industrial data protection software for over two decades and has been recognised 15 times in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a Leader (MQ). We have a gained a big and community to help our customers and collaborators on their route to protecting their data,

Reduce complexity and cost:

Veritas NetBackup offers support for nearly every server, memory, hypervisor, database, application, and cloud platform used by businesses today as a single, additional tool to safeguard all your data assets. This holistic data protection platform, which has outstanding results, intelligent automation, and centralised management, can safeguard any workloads at scale, doing away with the need for point offerings see Figure 1  In addition to offering streamlined pricing with a single SKU and metering with access to the whole NetBackup confidentiality platform, NetBackup 8.3 interfaces with CloudPoint and the Veritas Robustness Platform.

Get ready for the future:

By With thousands of granted patents in fields like cloud, containers, storage, recovery, virtualization, I/O optimization, deduplication, and snapshot organization, Veritas NetBackup upholds the long-standing Veritas history of being the first to market with cutting-edge technology. The infrastructure needed to integrate with new innovations is provided by our solution. We allow you the freedom to adjust to your shifting surroundings.

about Veritas NetBackup 10 Benefits :

Veritas NetBackup

The most recent NetBackup software from Veritas was just announced. The first industrial data protection product with a platform architecture is NetBackup 10. We have included below the list of new NetBackup features and advantages provided by Veritas NetBackup, their Top Expansion Regional Former Partner for the US

SaaS application data protection using NetBackup:

The Veritas NetBackup 10 software now includes data restoration operations for cloud-native Software applications. Organizations may use NetBackup to search, monitor, secure, and protect data between all environments and applications from a single machine.

For SaaS jobs, NetBackup 10 provides extensive data protection.

Integrated IT Analytics Foundation for NetBackup:

With the merging capabilities of Veritas NetBackup IT Analytics Founding, cloud and information are combined with data insights to provide knowledge across hybrid and multi-cloud situations. This data is used by Effectively manage to enhance efficiency and decrease risk. NetBackup quickly detects required modifications so you can speak up by pointing out operational inefficiencies, locating threshold-based backups inconsistencies, and creating a single-source reporting of information.

Multi-Cloud, Multi-Distribution Recovery with Kubernetes:

The capability to secure any Openshift distribution regardless of deployment—on-premises or in the cloud—is a big component of the NetBackup Kubernetes protection solution architecture.

Version 10.1 of NetBackup adds so much more improvements to comprehensive Elasticsearch data management and protection, relying on the support offered in version 9.1. Now, backups from Hadoop can be sent to any memory target that is listed in the NetBackup dashboard. And in regard to the cloud

Subscription-Based Licensing:

Introducing a commercial licence model is NetBackup 10. With a fixed recurring and predictable cost, this subscriptions streamlines licencing. This methodology offers access to and control over licences and renewals and simplifies operational budgeting. By expanding up or down as necessary, subscription licencing also lets you to improve your strategy and capabilities to satisfy technical and fiscal constraints. You may use subscription licencing to run NetBackup online, whether it’s hosted, on-premises, or in the cloud.


CludoBits first identified the limitation of the organization’s layout and complicated IT structure before recommending the tried-and-true VERITAS NetBackup capacity-based copy of the data with Azure cloud computing for a second copy of cloud storage. With the DE duplication feature, this Veritas backup software covered an unlimited number of media servers, master cloud services, and clients.

We set up VERITAS’ Master server on an existing dedicated server, which has ample storage for all data backups for the first copy, and we set up containers on Azure cloud for the disk copy. We also installed VERITAS audio servers in outlying areas, preserved the original copy on site, and kept a backup in the Cloud infrastructure.

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